KOSHER DUBAI - United Arab Emirates is all set to welcome Jewish tourists to Dubai/UAE, thanks to the historic deal between UAE and Israel. Since the UAE Israel peace treaty was signed there is a high demand in Kosher tour Dubai. UAE is the perfect destination for Kosher vacations and holiday tours. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful country right from modern emblems of architectures built on latest technology to preserved museums, heritage houses, excavations, ancient tombs and of course an ancient Hebrew gravestone! The vision of the leaders of UAE and the upcoming Abrahamic house of Fraternity featuring a synagogue will be a fascination for the Jewish travellers.


ABC Tours Dubai Kosher tours is all set to welcome Jewish clientele, Kosher travellers over 2021 and the upcoming years. Our strong industry experience and solid relationships with most prominent hotels in Dubai gives us an edge to handle the Jewish Kosher Tour Dubai with absolute professionalism. We organise Sabbath and Passover group travel itinerary for Jewish clients arriving from all over the world. 100% Kosher food from pure Kosher catering in Dubai.


For Kosher travel bookings please do contact ABC Tours Kosher team offering Jewish travel and Kosher travel programs in UAE on 0097142942003 or WhatsApp 00971544049623