Dubai Tourist Visa

It’s a common question.... How can I get a visa to UAE ?..... or...How can I get a visa to Dubai? No worries.........We are here to help you !

Please note the UAE entry visa can only be obtained through a local tour operator like us. We ABC Tours, is one such company offering UAE entry visa to tourists or a tourist visa for a maximum stay of 30 days, transit visas and multiple entry visas into UAE for those arriving here by cruise liners.


However, the UAE entry visa is only offered to tourists with hotel or tour bookings with us as per the government regulations. All passengers require an entry visa to UAE prior to their arrival. The government of Dubai offers tourist visas to most of the countries, except Israeli passport holders. We are entitled to issue visas only for those tourists who hold regular/ordinary passports, while individuals holding diplomat passports may approach their respective embassies.  

Tourist entry  visas are available to all nationalities, except Israeli passport holders. All the visitors to UAE must hold a copy of their valid UAE entry visa and handover to the immigration officers at the airport. As  part of the security measures at the airport, all passengers with tourist visas are subjected  to eye screening at the airport where you need to present the hard copy of your tourist entry visa.

Tourists holding passports of the following countires shall  get visa on arrival  : Australia, Andorra. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei, Cyprus, Canada, Denmark, Finland, GCC, Holland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Japan, Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Vatican city

How to get a visa for Dubai ? Documents Required to process entry visa to UAE

  • Valid passport copy (colour) send to ABC Tours in jpg format not more than 40 kilobyte
  • Colour passport size photograph send to ABC Tours in jpg format not more than 40 kilobyte
  • Filled in visa application form to process the tourist visa.

Important details for UAE entry visa issuance

  •  All passengers must have a valid passport  that is  valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to UAE.
  • Travel Documents and Identification cards are not accepted as valid passports. Passengers holding such documents are considered invalid and costs are non- refundable.
  • No corrections are possible once a Visa is submitted or processed. A new Visa application and charges have to be considered.
  • All visas applied for are subject to the approval of the immigration Authorities and may be refused without a given reason.
  • All visa charges have to be paid at the time of application and are non – refundable. So, if Visa is not granted by the Immigration Authorities, the cost of the visa charged shall not refunded or adjusted.
  • All Tour Operators must ensure that clients travelling to the UAE have the correct documentation as explained above. The Immigration Department will not accept any exceptions.

Please note that Friday and Saturday are Public Holidays in Dubai. As such, all Immigrations authorities will remain closed during these two days for issuance of new entry visas

For visa enquiries please email or call us on 0097142942003