What are the best things to do in Dubai?


Dubai as a city for the tourist offers a list of things do in Dubai and is an ideal destination for social gathering, nightlife, good food, world-class accommodation, tours and sightseeing, desert safari, events etc at an affordable price for every nationality and The Emirate of Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations attracted by millions for its quality, guaranteed safety standard, world-class comfort and ultimate luxury.  Among the world’s best tour operators, ABC Tours Dubai in Dubai offers a variety of quality tours and travel services.


The list of things to do in Dubai is full of tourist attractions - which includes 1000s of perfectly crafted activities, quite a lot of them can only be offered by Dubai as a unique destination. The experience and recommendations of travel expert’s choice


What are the major tourist attractions in Dubai?


The followings are the 10 best things and activities do to do in Dubai based on the statistics and tour graph recommendations from 100s of travel experts all-round the world. The list of tourist attractions in Dubai is seemingly endless.


1) Sightseeing tour of Dubai

The Dubai sightseeing tour start from the glorious past to modernity, which is the main theme of the Dubai Tour. Dubai possesses a rich past and golden future owing to its rich natural resources. You will witness that the tour is wrapped with “the world’s largest”, the “first in the world”, the biggest in the world etc which is a marvellous treat for your eyes.

Dubai sightseeing is a must-to-do program among the major tourist attractions of Dubai. The Dubai city is built on a perfect, solid, and sustainable foundation to remain an unbeaten city in a race of smartest cities of the 21st century. It is worth to spend 5 or 6 hrs for a detailed tour to enjoy the major highlights of the city of Dubai. Since the city is ever growing as per the travel expert a respectable number of the tourist are repeated guest and they love to see world greatest things and Dubai is been achieving a lot of things to see in Dubai.

The top tourist attractions suggested based on the customer reviews, customer survey and traveller recommendations are:- Palm Island, the Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, the Burj Al Arab, the blue mosque in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates along with tallest building the tower Khalifa and SKI Dubai. A lot more things are waiting such as the Dubai Frame, the famous Dubai Museum, the Spice Market, and gold souk.

The Emirate of Dubai is ever developing with new tourist sites being added to the list of tourist attraction in Dubai. Dubai is expected to build the tallest building in the world - “The Dubai Creek Tower” (name subject to change on completion with 1000-meters height),  currently in Dubai the Burj Khalifa stands soaring up to the sky with 827 meters will then be the second tallest building on earth. Dubai is all set to achieve a new milestone in the Guinness book of world records.


The experts from the service industry highly recommend every tourist to do a tour of Dubai. ABC Tours Dubai is the only company that offers 6 hours tour of Dubai that is combined with both old and new Dubai and it is economical. The Tours of Dubai by ABC Tours can be done as a guided tour as well as a private tour of Dubai- Read more


2) Desert Safari with 1001 Arabian nights included with a perfect local dinner with live shows.


The desert safari is an inevitable part of a list of tourist attraction in Dubai, as it is the only one program offering many vital tourist activities in Dubai. The results of a survey conducted by tourism agencies, surprising observed that every 3 persons out of 4 tourists, who visit Dubai participate in the desert safari tour. The desert safari in Dubai is one of the most recommended programs by travel explorers and adventure lovers.


The desert safari is an ultimate blend of culture, heritage, and adventure flawlessly wrapped in 6 to 7 hours of excitement, adventure, thrill, and fun. The memories of the dune bashing adventure, the local food, live entertainment, and the ambience will remain for a lifetime. 


The desert safari program starts in the mid-afternoon as we drive to the desert with 4x4 WD SUV and travel around 80 km to arrive at the entry point of the desert. The safari guide cum driver setup the SUV by deflating the tyres so that a hassle-free ride can be offered. The drive continues until sunset until we reach the traditional Bedouin camp. The campsite in the middle of the desert is a unique venue, where the age-old traditional shows mentioned in the tales of 1001 Arabian nights activities are performed. The above tourist activities in the desert make the desert safari popular.


The history of desert safari goes back approximately 3 decades in offering the services to the tourist though it existed over centuries. There are only a handful of tour operators who still maintain the uniqueness of the desert safari program. As pioneers in the tourism industry for the last 2 decades, ABC Tours Dubai preserves the genuineness of the desert safari program with complete authenticity and tradition.


3) Modern Dubai Tour


It is an undisputed fact that Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world. If ever you analyse the various sectors where Dubai tried to make its entry, the results were just awesome and rewarding to always being the best to make it happen. “The Best or Nothing”, is the main slogan of United Arab Emirates. One of the best DMC in Dubai, ABC Tourism LLC has engraved the motto in their company logo “see the unseen” a perfectly quoted note and an underlying fact to represent the country’s achievement. Dubai is not just a tourist attraction point; it is a developed modern city with the latest technology well utilized.


The list of tourist attraction in Modern Dubai is never-ending, as and when you move around every nook and corner of the city there is always something to see. Modern Dubai Tour is a must-to-do informative tour that every tourist need include in their itinerary, as you get chance to visualise the architectural splendours of  Dubai including the tallest building on earth, Burj Al Arab – the first and the only 7-star hotel, the 8th wonder of the world - the Palm Island and the man-made marina of Jumeirah. Most of these interesting tourists’ sites are a part of the city tour which you can find only in Dubai.


The Jumeirah and its surrounding area developments made a leap after 2001, because of the heavy investments on tourism and hospitality industry by the current ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His Highness is a great visionary and it is his extraordinary intelligence that contributed to the developments of Dubai tourist attractions which lead to the progressive success of luxury tourism in Dubai.


4) The Culture and Heritage Tour


There are many historical and cultural sights in Dubai. These heritage sites obtained the UNESCO’S accreditation for its authenticity and unique feature. These major sites give light to the history and heritage of human civilization. Arabia and the Middle East are a cradle of human history and its heritage and many of the popular tourist attractions and historical sites are exhibited to tourist in recent times.


The region plays a vital role in the birth of human civilization in the Middle East. It is a surprising reality that two major world religions are born in this part of the world; the followers and their exclusive religious faiths spread through every corner of the world.  It is vivid that the United Arab Emirates is a part of those great civilizations.


The United Arab Emirates – its culture, heritage and traditions resemble the aforesaid Middle Eastern and Jewish culture. The country has unearthed many archaeological excavations from the bronze age. The Jumeirah heritage site of Dubai is situated in the heart of new Dubai and heritage sites of Hatta – Dubai, are two major official archaeological sites that give light to the human existence in this part of the world.  As tourists one would get the privilege to be able to see some of the archaeological excavations at the famous museums – this is possible with ABC Tours Dubai city tour, where they give entrance permit to see the rare tourist attractions.


The Government of Dubai Emirate’s prime priority in maintaining and restoring the historical sites made Dubai as a hub for cultural tourism. The heritage sites of Sharjah have unearthed many discoveries in its inventory that exhibit the cultural and lifestyle of the Arab Bedouins from the bronze age. The famous archaeological discoveries spread all around the emirates of Sharjah are open to the public.


Many of the major heritage cultural sites like the Bastakiya, Al Fahidi Fort are open to tourists, the timings for these cultural sites are open over weekdays from 08.00 am to 08.00 pm except Friday. You would witness a unique air-conditioning system which was in use for centuries by the Bedouins to survive the extreme climatic conditions. The nomadic people migrated from the African and central Asian continents are ancient dominant tribes of the United Arab Emirates. Other important cultural venues recommended by the travel expert choices that possess high customer reviews is gold souk and world of spices. With our local knowledge and visitors’ feedback we suggest 2 more vital tourist attractions which are the heritage village and the Dubai Diving Village.


It is highly appreciated the world that the Government and its agencies do an impeccable service to main the heritage sights and engage every effort to bring the past glory its glitz and glamour.


5) Architectural tour of DUBAI


The recognition achieved by the United Arab Emirates is vividly seen in the statistics, facts, and figures in the world of architecture. The United Arab Emirate made a sweeping leap in the construction industry by building majestic sky-scrapper to become one country with the highest number of high-rise buildings. The structures, designs and technical know-how availed are best available on earth.


The architectural developments contributed an architectural excellence with the dedication and lifetime efforts by thousands of architects, which are well exhibited across the Emirate of Dubai and all the other Emirates. The Arab Emirate focus on creating a city with most beautiful architecture and infrastructure that are a visual treat. The technique and technology applied in this field are rare to the world of architecture due to the extreme climatic conditions and available nature of landscape. The architectural tour of Dubai is a feast for the architect and engineers who quest to gain more knowledge in this field. ABC Tours Dubai do arrange a signature tour called the “Architectural tour of Dubai” – one-of-its kind that is only offered by ABC Tours, Dubai as the tour guides are trained with technical and in-depth knowledge of major architectural works. 


6) ATV Quad biking ride in the Desert


The ATV quad biking is a perfect sport and fun breeding tourist activity in Dubai. There are 100’s of places, where you can experience the fun of ATV quad biking. The Desert safari camps in Dubai offer ATV Quad biking with insurance whereas the ATV Quad biking centres mostly do not have the insurance. We highly advise tourists to book the quad biking tour program from companies who offer insurance and follow safety first.


The Arabian desert is the right place to ride an ATV quadbike, especially when you are on an adventurous mission to conquer the peak of high sand dunes. The confidence and comfort during the quad biking ride make you to feel that the ATV is made for these deserts. The great reviews from this tourist activity reveals that the participants run short of words to explain the fun and the thrill of quad biking in Dubai.


The self-ride ATV quad bikes in this part of world is a 4x4 WD vehicle perfectly made for desert sand dunes. The nature of the UAE desert is perfect to enjoy the maximum quad biking experience. You do not need prior experience to do the self-ride quad bike, however it is good to know biking or cycle riding. You will be master of quad biking in 10 minutes – if one does not have prior experience avoid taking risk of driving over large sand dunes.


There are many quad biking agencies and desert safari camps that offer quad biking. The biking experience in the Arabian Sahara can only be enjoyed if you can drive in the open desert “without fence” There are few important things to be remembered while booking the ATV Quad biking in Dubai.


  • Are the bikes are insured? Yes, it is mandatory for the desert safari camps to have their quadbikes insured. Please remember out of 1000 tour operators in Dubai only handful of the tour agencies have own desert safari camp. ABC Tours Dubai is one among the major tour operator who own a 5-star rated desert safari in the middle of the desert where you get chance to ride bike with insurance.


  • It is mandatory that one must wear helmet for safety considering the nature of the desert. Unexpected high falls may encounter therefore it is advisable to have safety measures such as helmet, gloves, and experienced leader to accompany. ABC Tours is an ISO 9001-2008 quality company where they give prime priority to safety.


  • Are you getting a chance to ride in the open desert or you ride is limited with a fenced area? If it is a fenced or in circle you will not enjoy – you must go in the open desert and enjoy. I would say not many companies can afford it. One must verify before you book, can recommend ABC Tours Dubai do offer open desert quad biking.


  • A leader/guide is must to lead you. The guide will lead the sandy tracks of the desert and can understand your riding skill. ABC Tours guarantee the guide in every biking program.


7) Theme parks and water parks in Dubai


The Dubai governments investment bodies and private investors built many advanced theme parks and amusement park in Dubai – it is spread all around the new Dubai area and Dubai land.  Dubai’s major tourist attractions include the theme part and that given an extra millage to Dubai as a family destination.


Dubai’s vision to build as many world class theme parks is seemingly endless as they offer world class safety and enjoyment. Dubai ambition to be another Disney land ambitions is near to its realizations – as it is building dozens of amusement park indoor and outdoor amusement parks. Those parks given directly or indirectly a boost to the hotel and tourism industry as the park are some prime activities of those families travel with children. During the international school holidays, Dubai hotels get extremely busy and this reality attracted many investors to build more parks and hotels.


The United Arab Emirates adhere to maintaining world class safety standards and the international hygiene standards at every theme parks and recreational area. The careful safety standards adopted by the country lead to the reduction of accidents, or the country boldly say “no” to accidents in the parks of United Arab Emirates. It is a world-renowned fact is that Dubai maintain one the world best hygiene standard, as the nook and corner of the emirate is neat and clean; the tourist love it.  In order get for information about the parks in Dubai please contact ABC Tourism LLC.


8) Dinner/Lunch at the only and the only 7-star hotel the Burj Al Arab


It is the dream of every tourist who visit Dubai to visit the Burj Al Arab – hotel is named in Arabic language- the meaning of Burj Al Arab is “Arabian Tower”. The luxury hotel brought so much fame in the hospitality industry.  The visit to Burj Al Arab, the experience, the high standards of service is something that one must enjoy; its a royal treat once in lifetime that is something which is unique in the world.


The hotel is built on a manmade island, shaped like a sail overlooking the gulf of Arabia and gained the fame as the first and the only 7 seven-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab.  The highly technical and costly construction involved – the property has so much uniqueness as it is built without bricks; anything that look gold is gold leaf coated and the hotel only have suite rooms. The hotel entry is limited to the hotel guest and those who wish to eat or drink, one should make an advance booking for lunch/dinner/breakfast or cocktail program. The authenticity of the food is the guaranteed by the property and a list of celebrity chef offer their service for the hotel.   ABC Tourism LLC can make your booking and get you preferred rates for you. You click on book a visit to the Burj Al Arab. Please remember the entry to the guest room and other facilities are subjected to approval by the staff at site.


9) Dhow Cruise Dubai across jewel of Arabia and the ancient diving village


The Dhow cruise in the Deira is cruising around the Jewel of Arabia, between the Deira and Bur Dubai.  It is called Romantic cruising as it moves across the creek of Dubai to the gulf of Arabia. It is a floating restaurant nothing short of first-class dining restaurant offer Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.  Dhow cruise dinner has obtained the popularity as best dinner of Dubai with activities.


There few types of Dhow cruise offered in Dubai Emirates, however the most admired by tourist and the pioneer in Dhow cruise is the Creek cruise program as  it offer longer cruising ; the view is indeed great as it tell the story of Dubai origin on one side and its growth to a 21st century smartest city in the world on the other. The dhow cruise is offered in Dubai Marina as well – where there is a lot of limitations with regards to approach, the distance and the view.


The Dhow cruise dinner start in the evening from the creek of Dubai; embark into a traditional Portuguese ferry called the Dhow. Most dhow are designed and decorated like a floating restaurant. ABC Tours Dubai offer a complete dhow cruise in Deira and Dubai experience  in Dubai, that include pickup from all hotel in Dubai, the dhow is decorated like 5 star hotel restaurant, meal and service staff from leading hotel and would serve Arabic and Mediterranean food for the taste of the European's.  The cruising itself is two complete hours then transfer back to hotel. ABC Tours Dubai guarantee the best dhow cruise experience by keeping mind the quality of food, service, and world class hygiene standards – to book click here.


10)  Golf Tours in Dubai


Unbelievably world class golfing in the middle of the desert is a like an oasis, not only they meet the world standard, some of the top-rated golf course is in United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai. Many international tournaments and PGA tour is played at these golf course. Most of the golf courses are world’s best and Dubai got world class hotel and service make the golfers visit a grand tour. Some of the major golf courses in Dubai are Dubai creek golf & Yacht club, Emirates Golf club, Arabian ranches, Jumeirah Golf Estates. Other famous golf clubs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi include Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Yas Links golf club, Saadiyat Beach Golf club and many more.


The destination is attracted by 10s of thousands golf lovers due to the best climate in Dubai between October to April. The golf clubs are well perpetuated and follow international standards for the professional golfers and another policy/course for beginners.  There are many golf clubs some of the offer signature golfers experience in Dubai. The two major golf clubs of Dubai are centrally positioned therefore the access is easy – furthermore they offer world class food and beverages options and poses stunning views of modern Dubai.


The golf packages are affordable, and you get a chance stay in some of the world's best hotels and play at a luring golf club. ABC Tours Dubai offering a list of golf packages in Dubai – you may click here to choose it.