To experience the ultimate thrill, you must include the Desert Safari on your bucket list of tours, while you be sure that you are aware of the activities that make your Desert Safari a great experience. The desert safari is made special to everyone due to the remoteness, where you lay of your stress and enjoy virgin air at the no man’s land that stretch till the end of the horizon. The desert safari is pure adventure with 4x4 wheel drive jeep over the giant sand dunes – the thrill and excitement while cruising up and surfing down.

How to Choose the Right Desert Safari in Dubai and United Arab Emirates?

Based on the traveller experience and their recommendations of the most popular choice of desert activities, listed hereunder are 17 Best Activities in the Dubai Desert. The popularity of the Desert safari in Dubai gained among the tourists and locals is a clear suggestion that the desert activities are exciting and leave memories for a lifetime.

1. Dune bashing with 4x4 WD

The vital and inevitable part of the desert safari is the “Dune bashing” adventure that take place in the middle of the no man’s land. The dune bashing is an adventure in the desert enriched with fun, thrill, and excitement. It is safe as the safari jeeps are configured with protective anti roll over protection bars. The safari guides are specially trained and licensed by the Road Transport Authority and Dubai tourism department. The desert safari usually starts in the afternoon, as you drive towards the North-Eastern Part of United Arab Emirates, where the enchanting desert landscape awaits you.


While pass through the remote parts of the countryside, along a stretch of boulevards you can see the villages however these do not compromise on the quality of its infrastructure. On arrival at the desert the vehicles are deflated to drive over the sand dunes. The dune bashing has a list of reference such as - desert safari, dune bashing, sand downing, sand surfing, roller coaster ride etc. Lately, many people changed the name for mercantile benefits named as red dune safari, Hatta dune bashing safari etc – however it is all the same.

2. ATV Quad Biking Safari in Dubai

The Open Desert Biking is the best off-road self-drive programs that stimulates and boost your driving skills. The ATV quad biking got its popularity for the last 10 years – the number of tourists participates in this tourist attraction is growing as days passes. The quench for riding ATV quad bikes is ever-growing as the natural phenomena of the Arabian desert landscape perfectly suit the ATV quad bikers owing the unique size and shape of the desert dunes. The excitement of the ATV ride is vivid in the eye of every biker.


It is amazing as the powerful quad bikes conquer the solitude of the mighty sand dunes pushing you into the tranquillity of the desert. The program is offered for every age group, for the beginners will be guided by expertise lead. Beware of those who offer the quad biking just in a circle or fenced area which cannot be deemed as proper quad ride. Recommended for a best quad biking experience in the open desert You are requested to wear helmets for safety. As a part of safety regulations, quad biking is offered to persons above 13 years of age.

3. Camel Riding in the Desert

Camel Riding was the means of transportation for Bedouins for ages and it was the lifeline of the local life. It is a surprising fact that even during the scorching heat temperature often reaches 45 degrees, even though the camels can carry 350 kilograms or more smoothly. Camels have long legs and small body, can survive in the desert for 06 months without water, loves to feed on fresh grass and is harmless by nature. Until late in the 20th century camel was vital - not just in the desert for the countryside as well. The discovery of crude oil changed the life of the Bedouins in the gulf- the transformation from “camel to Mercedes” an undisputed fact.


It is understood that inherited fondness for the camel in the local culture is very prominent; the one who owns the maximum number of camels is a prestige, that holds higher status in the society. During the desert safari, you get chance to sit atop a decorated camel to enjoy natures view at its best while cruising up and down over the sand dunes. It is indeed an incredible experience to watch the blue sky that meet the horizon on the top of the camels. Unleash the hidden charms of the desert by experiencing the camel trekking in Dubai desert, which is one of the traditional activities of the desert safari. Feel safe as your camel man will assist you with hopping on and while get off the camel. You get chance to pose for some snaps with the “ship of the desert”

4. Sand Boarding in Dubai

Desert sport activity It is less known but quite an interesting activity in the desert which is unbelievable fun and exciting. The desert sand boarding is distinctive to this region as the majestic sand dune gives a perfect slide. It is a surprising fact that no one need a prior experience as no one get hurt in this sport because you are playing on the sand.


A unique desert sport that has gained immense popularity as a part of the desert safari program. You need not to be an expert to try the sand boarding, all you need is to keep the balance. Do not lose heart if you are not able to slope down in the first attempt. Keep trying it is a lot of fun to slope down the sand dunes.

5. Majlis Desert Camp 

1001 Arabian nights in the Desert Experience Arabian culture by opting the Evening Desert Safari program. The traditional built campsite with palm leaves. Feel like a local at our Bedouin style-built camp in the serene desert amidst the desert dunes which is set on for the evening with a mix of activities and cultural entertainment under the stars.


Enjoy the background Arabian music while you try on some activities including the traditional “HOO-KHA”, henna designing by a professional lady, Arabic costume photography, camel ride, sand boarding, Barbeque dinner etc… Watch the traditional dancers including the traditional Tanoura dance shows, enticing Belly dancer and the magical fire show. Dot forget to pose with the Falcon on your arms!

6. Falcon demonstration in the Desert

It is amazing to see the Falcons soar up high in the air. The Falcon show is a traditional activity popular among the Bedouins. If you are planning for a Dubai incentive trip or group program do not forget to add a Falcon show or Falconry display in your desert safari event which is a once in a lifetime program. Falcon is the national bird of UAE and it is quite interesting to see how the Falcons fly and hunt their prey. Our Falcon trainer will be glad to assist you and demonstrate the hunting procedure of the falcon which is amazingly scientific, you be taken on the top of a huge sand dune where they normally do the falcon show.


The experience is unique and if you are an individual traveler, you still get to hold the falcon and pose for photo with the national bird of UAE 7. Dune buggy in the desert Set off for a desert safari adventure and enjoy a self-ride on the dune buggy in the open desert. Follow the natural trails of the dunes in the desert which is the pathway that guide you into the tranquillity of the desert. Your instructor will guide you to explore the natural Arabian sand dunes. With specially designed seats the desert dune buggies will give you an ultimate thrill of self-ride.

8. Sunrise in the desert

For a fresh start of the day or if you want to be reminded about the creator watch the sunrise. Enjoy a mesmerizing view of the serene desert by choosing to go on the sunrise desert safari where you can smell the fresh morning dew and there’s nothing more pleasant than to see the splendid rays of the rising sun fall on your face.


Kick-off on a roller coaster adventure over the soft sand dunes of the Arabian desert. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the middle of the desert. Get chance to indulge in camel ride, desert sport activity options as sand boarding or try on Quad biking at ABC Tours traditional Majlis campsite in the desert

9. Sunset in the desert

“Sunset is the creator’s painting in the sky” It is amazing and captivating to watch the scenic landscape of the desert with sunset in the backdrop. It is a quite interesting fact that the desert is the best place to watch the sunset in Dubai and the sunset view is an inevitable part of the desert safari program. After an adventurous dune ride in the desert and your heart pumps normal, you will be surprised to find yourself at a spot-on location in the middle of the desert.


Here you get a chance to capture stunning and spectacular moments of the sunset where the warm colour of red, yellow, and orange glazing over the horizon in the desert leave you spell-bound for a lifetime. It is truly a romantic moment. The excitement never ends here. The ending on sunset is the beginning of a new phase in the safari program where you will continue with activities like camel riding, sand boarding, live entertainment shows, Barbeque dinner lined up for the evening under the starlit night.

10. Overnight Camping / Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight safari is an experience, as a tourist attraction in Dubai it comes with a cocktail of a list of desert activities in Dubai that includes 4x4 W D desert dune bashing, a variety of activities such as camel riding, sand boarding, live entertainments shows and a delicious Barbeque dinner under the stars. It is an incredible experience to stay in the middle of the desert amidst the desert dunes under the stars. Overnight desert safari is a perfect getaway from the city hazzles.


It a wonderful experience to spend a night in the Bedouin way in the middle of the desert specially during the winter season (October – March). Desert is usually cool in the night; you can enjoy the bonfire which will be lit to keep you warm. The twinkling stars, desert breeze, chirping sounds of the nightingales in the desert is an amazing experience that leave you spell bound. Enjoy a continental breakfast in the desert. It is undoubtfully one of the most suggested activities in Dubai as everybody enjoy this unique program. Travel experts recommend that the overnight desert safari is a must to do activity in Dubai.

11. Dinner in the Desert

Almost everyone dreams to feast in the middle of the desert. It is a unique experience all together to have a delicious and sumptuous Barbeque dinner amidst the desert dunes, under the starry sky. If you are looking to experience culture at its best, embark on a classic desert journey to experience the magic of 1001 Arabian nights clubbed with lot of fun filled activities. Watch the entertainers perform as you enjoy the taste of Arabia, relish on the freshly cooked BBQ grills in front of your eyes.

12. Sunset Cocktail program on the Dunes

The sunset cocktail on the dunes is a rare activity in the desert, the thrill of having a chilled drink at the no-man land’s is an experience one should not miss it while in Dubai tours. It is a unique event which is part of first-class Incentive travel programs in Dubai; a relaxation point after the desert safari where you stop of the photos of the sunset.


It can be tailored with individual event requirements by adding live activities such as live demonstration of hunting with falcons. The Sunset cocktail program in the middle of no man's land is an absolute treat to your soul to remember for a lifetime. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of holding a refreshing sparkling wine or champagne with the season's best fruits in the middle of the desert. A wonderful experience to relax your mind in the middle of the desert with gorgeous sunset views in the background.

13. Team Building in the Desert

Team building activities are icebreakers that play an important role for every organization. It is a lot fun and exciting, a creative way to improving team bonding and working together for better results. Team building is an ideal program for corporate groups, Incentive travel and MICE groups…


The Desert is an ultimate venue for unique and strategic outdoor team building activity. Some of the treasure hunt programs are Bedouin Treasure Hunt, Tug of war, Desert Bonfire challenge. We can tailor-make your team building activities from exciting effortless activities to group team-building challenges.

14. Liwa Safari

Liwa Safari is considered as the king of all desert safaris. Liwa is a district in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and it is the border region between United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The inhabitants of this region are Bedouins and the density of population is very few. The desert of Liwa is majestic the average of height of these dunes are at 50 meters and the highest dune can be as high as 100 meters.


The nature is blessed with so much of beauty and the landscape so as narrated in the fairy tales. The Liwa Safari is an extraordinary safari normal safari guides can not perform here, the professional who need additional practice to do the dune bashing in the Liwa, since height of the dunes extremely high. The real joy of desert safari expedition can be enjoyed to the maximum the Liwa deserts.

15. Camping in the Liwa Oasis

The authenticity city of desert camping can be enjoyed in the Liwa Oasis. It is more like exploring the desert, life can be experienced better here than anywhere else. The explorers recommended the Liwa desert camping as a preferred tourist activity for those who really wants real desert far from the busy city life.


Liwa is located around 350 kms from Dubai – therefore we may have to leave early. The program to Liwa safari and camping one should be prepared to carry adequate supplies include your own camping materials, plenty of water, additional fuel in reserve, food cooking material etc. The guide for the tasks is highly experienced even though they need carry atlas as most areas are with limited GPS signals.

Advise for the safari travelers – Things to care!

• Wear loose and comfortable and loose clothing on your desert safari trip.

• During winter carry a jacket or a shawl as winters are usually cold in the night

• Wear sporty shoes to be more comfortable

• Sunglasses are suggested during the summer months

• Avoid carrying expensive items during your safari trip

• Do not eat heavy meals before your safari as you will go on adventurous ride.

• Suggest carry vomiting pills

• If you are not an adventurous traveler, you can skip the dune bashing option to go to the campsite directly.

Is Desert Safari safe for all age groups? 

  • Avoid dune ride for infants and children below 10 years 
  • Pregnant women, senior citizens, patients with heart ailments are not suggested to do the adventurous dune ride

Desert Safari Option is available for senior citizens, all categories ?

Our tailor-made tours offer a special desert safari program which allows a soft ride to the desert so every guest including children, infants, senior citizens and expecting mothers can participate in the dinner desert safari program despite their restrictions.

Best Time and Options for Dubai Desert Safari

• If you like to fee the coolness and warmth of the desert choose the morning desert safari

• For those who wish to see the first rays of the sun in the desert try the Sunrise desert safari with a breakfast program

• If you would like to see the sunset, experience adventure mixed with culture and entertainment evening desert safari program is the ideal choice for you.

• If you wish to do overnight camping in the desert our Majilis Desert Safari campsite is a treat for your eyes. It is a wonderful experience to sleep under the stars and to wake up listening to the desert nightingale.