Study Trips



Study trips are encouraged within schools and universities to unwind new ideas, new business opportunities, exploring new markets openings. Study trips are becoming more common in schools and universities.


Want to arrange a study trip to Dubai? Or you need someone to spring back your ideas to assist you in arranging the study trip … ABC Tours incoming groups department methodically arrange study trip and field visits for university and student groups to Dubai. The study trips transmit deeper cultural understanding to the students. Dubai as a destination offers opportunities for field trips and site visits for subjects related to architecture, engineering, industrial, culinary, finance etc... Dubai has it all!!


Our expertise tailor made itineraries are designed to blend with the educational understanding related to their subjective fields, culture and heritage of the destination, city tours and top attractions in Dubai. Assistance will be provided with tailor made itinerary, efficient operations at the destination, effective coordination with the site visits, ground handling services include visa, transportation, low budget hotels, tourist guide services etc.


Study trips are beneficial in inculcating new ideas and enhancing cultural awareness among students. Our study trips can be arranged as a round trip program extended from UAE to Oman as well. So go ahead and plan your next university Study Trip and educational field trip with ABC Tours Dubai, your educational travel partner who believe in learning outside of the classroom.