Guided tours in Dubai

Dubai 2020: Top Tours & Activities - Things to Do in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has rapidly emerged in recent years with a sequence of attractive, creative, impressive projects that have positioned this city to the top of every list. Here are a few top attractions you won't want to miss when you visit this desert hotspot.

  1. Best Desert Safari Dubai - Enjoy a complete desert safari in the Arabian desert. Experience culture, heritage and tradition in the middle of the desert.
  2. Burj Khalifa - Enjoy an awe-inspiring view of modern architecture as you visit 124 and 125th level At the top the tallest tower in the world. 
  3. Palm Islands - Enjoy the scenic views of the eighth wonder of the world - the artificially built Palm Islands of Jumeirah off the coast
  4. Dubai Fountains - The Dubai Fountain show is truly a spectacle. Book a seat in a nearby restaurant and watch the spectacular dancing fountain shows. Enjoy a boat ride along the canal at the Dubai Downtown.
  5. Dubai Museum - Housed in the 18th century Al Fahidi Fort gives insights to Learn about the history, culture and Heritage of the Bedouin life before the pre-oil era. 
  6. Burj Al Arab - Luxury blended with modern architecture, the world’s tallest hotel in Dubai offers to choose from dining at the top level or an underwater restaurant amidst the sea creatures
  7. Dubai Mall - A complete destination housing hotels, restaurants, shopping brands, ice- skating rink, cinema and much more.
  8. Dubai Frame - An architectural landmark at the Zabeel Park in Dubai known to be the biggest picture frame with impressive views of Old and New Dubai.
  9. Dubai city tour - Enjoy an overview of the old and modern city of Dubai on our perfectly crafted Dubai city tour.
  10. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi - The amazing masterpiece of contemporary architecture, is a must-visit attraction in Dubai.