ABC Tours is one of the largest tour operators in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Doha and India. We are offering a wide range of inbound tour solutions to our customers, with the highest quality of service to meet our customer's satisfaction.

In all our destinations that we operate, we are simply the best due to our deep local knowledge of the destination, professional team well accustomed with customer services. In these destinations, especially the Middle east ,one factor is quite common, the best infrastructure available in the whole world. These countries have succeeded in maintaining the best law and order situation, you can in fact be rest assured that there is almost zero crime rates. Also, for 6 months these countries have the best climate. The temperatures in these countries are between 12 degrees to 25 degree centigrade, all of them have beautiful blue waters and white sandy beaches. Our destinations in the Middle Eastern countries, posses rich cultural heirtage and traditions.

The Middle Eastern countries are geographically well located, therefore, the best airliners operate direct services from Europe, America, Africa and south east Asia.

The brief details about the destinations that we handle.


ABC TOURS offers some best DMC services in Qatar. This country is a small Island but rich with Oil and Gas. This destination has hosted so many world events and it has many luxury hotels with beautiful beaches. The country's citizen’s per-capita income is one of the highest in the world. ABC Tours offers all possible services for MICE management and tour operations in Doha, that includes hotel booking, airport assistance, arranging visa for Doha, many Dubai Excursions, desert safari programs , cruise dinner etc.. We also offer various gala dinner programs in Doha.


Oman is a culturally rich country, it still maintains its tradition and heritage, therefore we suggest all our agents to include this destination in their packages and Oman is a do not miss destination. If you come to Dubai or UAE, you can go to Oman by road and most of the nationalities can get their Oman visa on arrival. As a DMC in Oman, we rate Muscat as a perfect destination for Incentive programs because of its natural beauty, as you would see the white sand beaches on one side and on the other side the huge mountains that are rocking the mighty ocean. There are 1000 positive reasons for you to choose Oman for your MICE requirements. They have almost all world class hotels and good flight connectivity. We do offer a full range of services that includes support for the MICE, tour operators and recreational activities. We, being a tour operator in Muscat, can offer you all the services such as hotel booking, visa support, tours and various safari programs. If you planning for a tour in Oman you must at least stay 3 nights in Oman.


Bahrain is a tiny island in the gulf of Arabia, but it is one of most beautiful oil rich countries. It is not just only known for the formula one race track, but it is a vibrant, liberal and secular nation. Many world events and leading corporates have organized their incentive programs in this island due to the availability of nice hotels in a safe and secure country. ABC Tours, as tour operators in Bahrain, do offer hotel bookings, visa arrangements, and many more tour programs. The destination is again perfect for the incentive and congress. The world's leading corporates have organized their incentive programs in this Island due to its nice hotels,large conference facilities & good beaches . ABC Tours as a DMC in Bahrain, have successfully managed many MICE events. If you are planning for an incentive trip or congress or events program please do contact us.


India is an incredible destination where you are free to do numerous activities. It is a huge destination, therefore, people credit India as a destination that carries no boundaries. There are 1000's of activities you could do in India and lots of sites to choose from to visit, so much so, you are sure to find it difficult to decide which part of India you would like to visit, as one place is better than the other. ABC Tours is a full-fledged DMC in India offering Incentive programs, conference, events, cultural and heritage study programs, pilgrimages etc.