The Hatta Mountain safari or the  Hatta Trek is a full day mountain safari program to the Hajjar mountain ranges of Oman with 4x4 wheel drive jeeps. Our specially trained drivers will make sure that your day is filled with adventure and fun every minute of the tour. Hatta is a village town, surrounded by mountains, small agricultural farms and majority of hatta is under the administration of UAE. Inorder to reach hatta you have to pass through the Omani territory.


The thrill of the Hatta Mountain safari is the Wadi bashing; cruising over the dried river beds is a fun, the river beds filled with rolling stones that have rolled over the centuries. Drive through the mountain terrain around the Hajjar mountain range to experience the mountains seemingly breaking through the sky. The view the gigantic mountains marching towards the heaven and guarding the country like a soldier. Our cruisers would take you to the peak of one of the tallest mountains in the region to see an unfailing suicide point. You will notice the remoteness and solitude at this rarest of the rare no man’s land. Early in the afternoon, we will reach the Hatta pools, the only source of spring waters pouring from the mountain range. Enjoy a swim in the sparkling natural spring cool waters. Your jeeps would splash through the spring water,(during winter) flowing from valley during the winter season and rainy days make the trip a perfect expedition. Continue the tour by passing through the difficult narrow mountain route, that take you back to the UAE, by leaving the Omani territory.

As you drive further, you would pass by the scenic beauty of the landscape with lush greenery surrounded by the majestic Hajjar Mountain range. Continue the tour all the way to see a water reservoir - dam that produces electricity and the discharged water will be used for irrigation purposes keeping  the Hatta region green. The water is collected from the mountain springs and the rain waters.  This water reservoir - dam is important due to its geographical location as it is in the Hajjar mountains, since this part of the world hardly gets rain.

Therefore, this reservoir is important to visit. During our Hatta Oman mountain safari, the “Hatta village” is very important, because in this country you hardly see a village. In Hatta, you would drive through a fort built by the Portuguese, in the 16th century, which served  as a point of tax collection during the early days of interstate trade. The Hatta city is independant with its own municipality, hospitals, schools and community centres. We have a mountain resort nextto the hatta ort, where you will be offered a delicious lunch - on request with extra cost. However,a visit alone without lunch is also possible if we book some activities at this hotel. You could choose one from the list of activities like swimming, archery,clay pigeon shooting and even a small 9-hole golf course is available.The lunch can be arranged on request at the Hatta fort hotel, or a nice picnic lunch at the Hatta pools. 

Tourist information Hatta Mountain Safari  - The tour involves border crossing, however no visa is needed, but there are chances that the identity of the guest may be checked and therefore ID or passport is requested. This tour is  perfect for all age groups. The tour involves slight & minute mountaineering. Therefore, jogging shoes and mild clothing would be perfect. Full day program where meals will be included on request.






 AED 200.00 net per person

*** min 2 pax

  US$ 55.00 net per person


 AED 120.00 net per child

(01 to 3 year free)

  US$ 33.00 net per person


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Hatta Mountain Safari
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